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The U.S. Coast Guard says distress signals received at its Honolulu center led to the rescue of 20 sailors on life rafts near the Marshall Islands.

The area is about 2,500 miles from Honolulu.

An aircraft spotted the rafts Friday morning and several vessels were sent to the area. A fishing boat rescued all 20 sailors around 6 p.m.

The Coast Guard says the sailors were on board a ship hauling construction materials that sank in bad weather. Their conditions were not known.

Coast Guard officials say the rescue was made possible thanks to the use of portable radio beacons designed for emergencies.

A pair of veteran high-tech luminaries, both hired by Google (GOOG) within the past 14 months, chose this week to write on their private blogs about how they see the Apple (AAPL) vs. Android competition shaping up in 2011.

What's interesting is that they disagree.

Former Microsoft (MSFT) start-up evangelist Don Dodge, who posted his predictions Monday, neatly summarizes the conventional wisdom. In the horse race between Android and iPhone, he writes, "Both will win because they are playing different games. Android will win the market share battle, but Apple will generate bigger profits."

State government was failing at every level. There was an electricity crisis, a water crisis, a prison crisis. Car taxes had tripled. State contracts were tainted by corruption.

Financial ruin loomed.

In the state's historic recall election, voters turned to Arnold Schwarzenegger, a movie star whose brand was blowing stuff up, flexing muscles and delivering goofy one-liners.

Seven years later, with Schwarzenegger's tenure in its final day, the state's schools are in poor shape, the public university system is losing its sheen, the federal courts have taken control of part of the prison system. The deficit keeps growing.

In a recent interview in his stately Capitol conference room, his "Conan the Barbarian" sword resting in a case behind him, the governor looked back. He defended his record but admitted to errors that were key to his inability to fulfill the promise of tearing up the state's credit card and "ending the crazy deficit spending."

One crucial misstep came in the first few months, he said. Instead of confronting voters with the pain of dealing with the deficit he had inherited, Schwarzenegger shied away, backing a ballot initiative to borrow $15 billion to paper over the accumulated budget problem.

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